POWERGEN Asia     

22-24 September 2020
ICE, Jakarta, Indonesia

ASUW       Enlit 2020



Visait Hansaward

Visait Hansaward

Managing Director, Inecosolar, Indonesia

Visait has joined his family business running a mass transit company with more than 300 buses since 2005. During oil price crisis, Visait set up a CNG (compressed natural gas) business for vehicle conversion and refuelling station. However, he realized that even though natural gas had better emission than fuel oils, the natural gas resource was still depletable and its combustion continuously emitted greenhouse gas into the atmosphere.

This led to his interest in renewable energy and he founded Blue Solar Group in 2015. Blue Solar Group has developed solar power plants in many scales such as 66 small residential solar rooftops operated since March 2016, two 5 MW solar farms (VSPP) operated since December 2016 and a renewable energy firming power plant (SPP) that would be composed of 35.6 - 50 MW solar PV together with 54 MWh energy storage system to be operated in December 2021.